Let’s first talk about something challenging we face every now and then. Motivation and procrastination. We all have a lot of ideas and plans to pursue. One day we are so pumped that we want to achieve it all and just after two days there is this lack of energy. We all want to overcome this ‘laziness’. Let’s just start by memorizing this saying, Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin“. If you want to achieve something you have to work towards it with persistence. You don’t want to miss on opportunities only because you are not in ‘mood’. That being said, let’s move on!

I decided to share with you what I’m working on next. There is an amazing series coming up related to Artificial Intelligence algorithms. To understand AI clearly it is necessary to get hold of basic concepts and algorithms. To properly understand the working of AI. So, every day we shall be going through an algorithm and see how it works.

Another interesting piece is related to a product using Artificial Intelligence. Something that will be useful for the majority of us! Something related to cooking and recipe. 😀 Next blog is going to be about your new kitchen assistant, Kitchen Bridge!

So stay tuned for some amazing content.! 🎉

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