Artificial Intelligence in Fitness

There is no doubt in saying that although the digital world has led to a more inert lifestyle, fitness consciousness is still growing among the people. According to a report, in 2018 the fitness industry made 94 billion US dollars. Another industry thriving rapidly is of Artificial Intelligence. The AI market is expected to reach 300 billion US dollars by 2026. No matter whichever industry you work in, AI is a buzzing term. Today, we are covering the blend of these two industries – Artificial Intelligence in fitness.

The cross-mapping of Artificial intelligence and fitness is giving rise to another exciting venue for fitness technology. ‘Fit-Tech’ is expected to gain 27.4 billion US dollars by the year 2022. This has become a possibility owing to advancements in AI technology and wearable devices. 

Thanks to our smartwatch we can calculate the distance walked during our commute to work, calories in-take at lunch, work-out duration, and even hours of peaceful sleep. But this is not only limited to a smartwatch. Artificial Intelligence in fitness is a much broader answer to our physical fitness needs. Now, we have AI-powered home gyms and even gym gear. Your busy work schedule will not hinder you from remaining active and physically fit. You can easily access your personalized AI fitness apps and wearables to guide you through the work-out regime. It motivates you, guides you, recommends you, and does all this from anywhere even your living room!

Unfortunately, this blog is reaching you in difficult times. We are quarantined for our own benefit but we all are feeling the need for remaining active in this life situation. AI-based home coaches for exercises are now making sense more than ever. In this article, we are covering a few Artificial Intelligence fitness gears. How these fitness wear can help you in remaining fit and how they can help you improve your lifestyle. Let’s have a look.

Sensoria Fitness Sock and Anklet:

Sensoria fitness deals in Artificial Intelligence enabled sportswear. Their sports gear connects with a mobile app. The app helps to keep track of your activities. You can set your goals and then sensoria fitness helps you in sticking to them. It evaluates your performance and recommends improvements while appreciating your achievements. Sensoria core platform for IoT enabling fitness gear helps to measure performance with extreme precision. Their every sports garment offers a special purpose like upper wear monitors heart condition and socks wear help in maintaining a healthy walk or a jog with precise detection of foot landing and forces impacts.

Sensoria Fitness Socks

Sensoria foot socks not only detect the distance run or walked but it also measures how well you have done it! It transmits real-time data to your app and helps in reaching ideal health goals by monitoring heart rate. This fitness gear also comes with an audio or video training app to help you maintain a healthy routine. In this way, you get instructions on how are you doing, what improvements you should make, and also how to prevent you from injuries. This connection between a sock and an app is made through Sensoria core. It analyzes movements through accelerometergyroscope, and magnetometer. The sensors on socks convey the signals through the fibers embedded in textiles to the core. 


  • Bluetooth connectivity between Sensoria core and Sensoria app
  • Real-time coaching
  • Lightweight – sensoria core is just 7 grams and a square inch in size.
  • Sensoria core battery usage time is up to 12 hours
  • It comes with a 9-axis IMU (accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope) for enhanced monitoring.

This fitness gear is also available on Amazon!

Nadi X:

Another exciting and useful product of Artificial Intelligence in fitness is Nadi X. It is a treat for yoga enthusiasts. Nadi X guides you through the whole yoga process. It comes with a small device called a pulse. Pulse is to be attached to the left knee before starting. This sensor connects to the mobile app through Bluetooth and coveys your body pressure to the mobile app. You can easily customize your yoga routine according to your need and mood. You can set vibrations intensity and track your performance.

Nadi X yoga pants

The audio instructions make the whole experience more worthwhile. You can hear the instructions while the vibrations are generated at the points you need to focus on. The gear uses an accelerometer that transfers your vibrations to the app. The app, in turn, tells you at the end of the pose if you have done it right. This helps in you improving your body alignments while being focused at your body and mind state. Experience much better than frequently switching between videos and replaying them till you get it right.

Nadi X has no doubt provided a perfect blend of fitness and Artificial Intelligence while not losing the touch of fashion. The garments are comfortable, sleek, and even machine washable.


  • Developed by the world-leading yoga practitioners.
  • Provides real-time audio instructions
  • Lightweight sensor with Bluetooth connectivity to the smartphone
  • The option of customizing the yoga routine according to the mood and preferred intensity of vibrations
  • Machine washable

You can easily get these yoga pants at Amazon.

Wrapping up:

The dynamics have changed a lot with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in fitness technology. This AI induced fitness gear is an indication of personalization of health and fitness routines with the availability of expertise once deemed as quite expensive. The availability of fitness apps processing your real-time data means a quick workout after a hectic day just in your living room. Or a calm yoga routine just beside your bed under the instructions of a device built by yoga experts. 

The present quarantine times we are living in are no doubt terrifying and sometimes beyond our comprehension. We never imagined not being able to catch a quick workout at the gym on our way home. But the need of the time gives rise to new possibilities. Take this as one. Realize the wonders the personalized technology can bring to you, made possible through Artificial Intelligence. Last but not the least, don’t let go of your exercise routine while lounging around even for work. Getting smart fitness gear will help you more!

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